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4)  Professional manufacturer

1)  For liquid pouch /stand up bag

 Plastic spout cap
2)  Food grade materials
3)  OEM and design service

Our company is specializing in research, manufacture
and sales of plastic spouts & caps series etc.
With more than 20 years experience and accumulation, 
we have design office, mould making department, 
non-dust injection workshop, test room etc.,and able to provide full chain of custom-made products, mould making, manufacture, sales and after sale services etc.We also have certificate of QS to make sure our good quality.

We are one of the first factories that researches & manufactures plastic spouts in China. We have been making plastic spouts moulds for more than 20 years with great experience and good quality, a lot of our technologies fill in the blank of plastic spout making in China.Most of the Chinese factories' plastic spouts moulds are designed and made by us. If you need customs made plastic spouts & caps, as a top mould making & injection manufacturer, we are the right factory for you.As a leading factory of plastic spouts & caps series etc., the full range of our products can be used for plastic pouch to store liquid, paste, powder and small pill etc. such as medicine, drink, milk, jelly, toothpaste, sauce, facial cleanser, hand cream, seasoner, daily chemical cleaning products and so on.They are very popular around the world.Our products have supplied to a lot of famous companies such as WANGWANG FOODS, STRONGGROUP, LIBY,KOBAYASHI.Keeping the business principle of "integrity, concrete, harmony and mutual benefit",we always provide high class products and service, looking forward to set up stable long-term cooperation with you! 

Please feel free to contact us info@plasticspoutpouch.com; plasticspoutpouch@hotmail.com.

About Shantou Ruihua Plastic
Hot Selling
  • 5.5 mm skin cream packaging bag small plastic spout
  • 5mm Flexible pouch packaging small plastic shampoo bag spout
  • 6mm plastic body wash bag plastic spout with cap
  • 1.8mm mini plastic medical packaging spout for pouch
  • 6mm facial cleanser flexible bag mini plastic doypack spout
  • 5mm hotel facial shampoo body wash bag mini spout for cosmetic pouch
  • 5.5 mm flexible liquid packaging plastic spout cap
  • 15mm Plastic pour sealing up suction nozzle spout with screw cap
  • 16mm Plastic anti theft non spill stand up jelly bag cap with spout
  • 21.5 mm Laundry detergent PE doypack spout cap for sale
  • 9.6mm juice drink stand-up bag plastic spout with seal liner
  • 20mm Plastic anti theft non spill pouch spout cap
  • Stand up flexible packing pouch spout with foil seal
  • food packaging liquid juice plastic screw cap for stand up bag
  • Flexible liquid packaging spout plastic closures for pouches
  • Medicine liquild plastic flexible packaging spout and cap
  • Medicine stand up bag plastic spout with foil seal
  • PP Mushroom shape cap china wholesale spout pouch cap
  • 8.6mm food pacakaging pouch plastic screw cap spout
  • 10mm mushroom shape plastic stand up bag screw cap
  • 15mm plastic spout with aluminium foil sealing cap
  • 15mm plastic drink pouch spout and cap
  • 10mm food grade long nozzle plastic liquid spout and cap
  • Shantou flexible packaging plastic laundry detergent caps with spout
  • Liquid doypack screw cap plastic spout for pouches
  • food packing 8.6mm plastic stand up pouch spout
  • Child Resistant plastic mushroom cap and spout
  • Jelly stand up pouch plastic ribbed screw cap 9.6mm
  • Mushroom shape plastic stand up pouch corner spout
  • China supplier mushroom bottle screw cap spout
  • Bulk yellow mushroom shape 8.6mm plastic agent bottle cap
  • Mushroom shape 8.6 mm PE material spout cap plastic product
  • Food grade plastic spouts for pouch suction nozzle cap
  • PE 8.6mm plastic anti choke screw cap in bulk
  • Liquid stand up pouch plastic anti choke cap with spout
  • Cheap plastic mushroom cap for stand up pouch
  • Shantou ruihua 8.6mm plastic spout cap for drink bag
  • washing product pouch plastic corner plastic spout with cap
  • Wholesale leaf shape plastic screw cover with spout
  • plastic pull up ring cap for pouch
  • Professional manufacturer plastic dropper spout
  • jelly bag long neck plastic nozzle 8.6mm with cap
  • Basket shape flexible packaging spout with tail for jelly bag
  • Cheap jelly spout 13mm PE plastic cap for pouch
  • Liquid stand up plastic twist off cap
  • 8.0 mm mini hotel plastic shampoo bag spout cap for sale
  • Shantou ruihua plastic 22mm detergent cap with spout
  • Water bag packing plastic pull-push cap
  • Promotional 22mm Screw plastic cap for pouch
  • plastic push pull cap water bag packaging
  • RD-014# 14mm Low cost plastic suction spout standup pouch spout
  • 12mm liquid food plastic spout pouch with cap
  • laundry detergent bag plastic flexible spouts caps in bulk
  • Ruihua Liquid packaging bag 9.6mm plastic spout
  • Shantou oem spout cap food packing bag lid
  • Shantou factory plastic pouch cap with spout
  • 30mm plastic screw cap spout for pouch
  • Long plastic food packaging spout with cap 10mm
  • 10mm flexible drinking plastic pouch nozzle with screw cap
  • Ruihua plastic liquid detergent flexible packaging spout
  • 8.6mm plastic pp high-temperature steaming spout for standing bag
  • 8.6mm basket shape plastic spout cover for jelly pouch
  • Wholesale plastic 8.6mm plastic stand up doypack spout with cap
  • PE stand up pouch plastic cap with spout
  • Food grade black plastic black spout for standup pouch
  • Food grade material 8.6mm plastic water spout with cap
  • Cheap 8.6mm pilfer-proof cap plastic closures
  • Food grade plastic laundry detergent doypack drinking straw 8.6mm
  • Bulk plastic packing lid spout with cap
  • Shantou plastic spout liquid packaging
  • Shantou food packaging pouch spout sealing machine
  • Shantou packaging plastic shampoo flip top bottle cap
  • Factory price plastic screw pharmaceutical bottle cap
  • Plastic cosmetic tube bottle cap from shantou ruihua manufacturer
  • Small white plastic toothpaste flip top caps
  • Low price shantou ruihua plastic screw cap for bottle
  • Plastic spill proof bottle cap form shantou ruihua
  • flexible tube packaging plastic cap for toothpaste
  • Non-spill white plastic toothpaste cap in bulk
  • Shantou food packaging manufacturer plastic cap for bottle
  • Shantou packaging plastic locking bottle cap
  • Wholesale mini plastic toothpaste tubes caps
  • Shantou packing plastic facial cleanser cosmetic bottle cap
  • Bulk facial cleanser plastic squeeze bottle screw cap
  • Shantou ruihua low price plastic screw toothpaste cap
  • Hot sale plastic facial cleanser cosmetic bottle tube cap

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